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Patio Clean And Repoint Old Swan Liverpool – Abel Landscapes

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Date Completed: 15/02/2024

Cleaning, Fixing & Repointing of Patio in Old Swan Liverpool

Witness the remarkable transformation as we breathe new life into an aging patio in the Old Swan area of Liverpool. Our recent project focused on restoring this worn-out outdoor space, showcasing our expertise in patio repair in Liverpool.

Before the Revival: A Patio in Distress

The initial state of the patio, as captured in the before photographs, grime and dirt had taken residence on the surface, some of the flags had become loose, the upstands were on the verge of detachment, cracks marred the appearance, and the step required substantial adjustment.

Our Methodical Approach to Restoration:

1. Joints Raked and Debris Removed:
We initiated the restoration process by meticulously raking out the old joints and clearing away debris. This initial step ensured a clean canvas for the upcoming improvements.

2. Fixing Loose and Cracked Slabs:
Our skilled team addressed the structural issues by fixing loose and cracked slabs. Stability and durability were reinstated, laying the foundation for a patio that would stand the test of time.

3. Upstand Restoration:
The precarious state of the upstands was tackled with precision. Through careful repair work, we secured and reattached the upstands, ensuring they seamlessly integrated with the renewed patio design.

5. Step Repairs:
The steps, once worn and unusable, underwent thorough repairs. Our team worked diligently to adjust and restore the steps, making them not only functional but also an integral part of the patio’s renewed charm.

Project Progress

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What Our Customers Say

The team took out our old path and front and relaid and designed it. Excellent job done. Communication was great and done speedily. The materials are beautiful as well

Laura Brown