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Natural Stone Patio Extension And Cleaning

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Date Completed: 01/10/2018

Restoration And Extension of Existing Patio

In undertaking this project, our goal was to not just create an extension but to enhance the entire outdoor space, introducing both functionality and aesthetic charm. The transformation involved several steps, ensuring a seamless integration of the new elements with the existing patio area.

The journey commenced with the excavation of the proposed paving area, a task that involved not only creating space for the new patio extension but also removing unnecessary elements, including an old lamp-post. This initial phase was crucial in preparing a clean slate for the subsequent enhancements.

To establish a robust foundation for the extended patio, we supplied and installed MOT Grade 1 hardcore. This ensured a stable base, providing durability and longevity to the newly paved area. Taking water management into consideration, we incorporated a French drain with gravel along the edge of the patio, contributing to effective drainage and preventing water accumulation.

The choice of natural stone not only added a touch of timeless elegance but also harmonized with the surrounding environment. Simultaneously, we erected a fence screen, featuring two sturdy posts and a base supporting a timber panel, complemented by an additional 6×6 fence panel. This not only introduced a sense of privacy but also defined the boundaries of the extended patio area.

A commitment to maintaining the overall cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space was reflected in the cleaning of all existing paving using a pressure washer. This process effectively removed surface dirt, revitalizing the appearance of the entire patio.

To ensure a polished and cohesive finish, we applied resin jointing compound all over the existing paving. This not only filled any voids in the paving but also served to completely repoint the porch area, creating a unified and well-maintained surface.

In essence, this project represents our dedication to providing a comprehensive outdoor makeover. From the foundational groundwork to the thoughtful selection of materials and the meticulous cleaning and finishing touches, every step was taken with precision to create an extended patio area that seamlessly integrates with the existing space, offering both visual delight and functional enhancements.

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