Landscape Design Ideas

Here are just some of our landscaping ideas for you to look at. We have put these together to give you an idea of the design stages of our projects. We can create any kind of landscape garden.

Landscape Design Ideas    

Landscape Design Ideas

 "Giving you inspiration for your garden designs" 



Many people struggle with design ideas for their own gardens; well here we have put together a little portfolio of different garden designs. We can create, design and install all types of garden ideas including all of our most popular garden features.


Finding Landscape ideas of your own

⇒ Step 1: The first step is to find lots of pictures of gardens which like and put them together in a book or a place on your computer. Maybe even take a tour of your neighbour's garden or our landscape show garden to give yourself ideas.


⇒ Step 2: The next step is visualization - a very good technique and very effective. Visualise nature places from the past where you have visited and had a wonderful time, for example, maybe as a child you played by the river and it was so relaxing. Encapsulate all of these feelings and add them to the image of your dream garden.


⇒ Step 3: Look around your home especially if design is important to you so that you can bring elements of the interior to your exterior - this is especially important if continuity of design is important to you.


⇒ Step 4: Finally - make sure you understand your property and its surroundings.


Once you have followed these steps and would like to talk to one of our surveyors, please fill out our contact form to book an appointment. If you have some or no idea regarding design, don't worry one of our surveyors will give you even more ideas.


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