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Landscaping Low Maintenance Garden Makeover

After 35 Days
Date Completed: 25/07/2018

Low Maintenance Garden Makeover by Abel Landscapes

This landscape garden makeover was undertaken to create a low-maintenance garden to enjoy all year round. In the initial stages, our dedicated team initiated the transformation by excavating the entire ground to the specified depth, ensuring a clean slate for the upcoming enhancements. Waste removal was carried out with the utmost diligence, transporting all debris off-site to guarantee an immaculate workspace.

The installation phase included the incorporation of composite decking adjacent to the house which included a heavy-duty timber frame. We have also constructed timber sleepers,  forming raised beds along the adjacent wall. The choice of Marshalls Symphony Vitrified tumbled paving tiles for the patio area further attests to the project’s dedication to quality, offering both a visually appealing and resilient surface.

In one area of the garden we have used Cedar wood to create a feature deck, harmoniously paired with a gazebo featuring an artfully shaped roof. The structural integrity of the gazebo was reinforced by concrete posts, two of which were elegantly faced off with Cedar, contributing to a cohesive and stylish finish. A raised sleeper bed, strategically positioned by the decking, added layers of dimension to the overall design, marrying functionality with aesthetics.

The perimeter of the garden underwent a thoughtful transformation, with the provision of timber for the construction of a standard fence screen along the side and rear elevation of the gazebo. Additionally, a garden gate was installed, fortified with a new security lock to enhance both privacy and security.

To illuminate the outdoor space, a comprehensive garden lighting scheme was integrated, featuring LED spotlights embedded within the decking, subtle yet impactful brick lights, and border spike lights—all seamlessly controlled through a remote system. This not only enhances the visual appeal during the evening hours but also underscores the project’s commitment to creating a well-rounded and functional outdoor haven.

The culmination of this meticulous transformation was marked by the installation of artificial grass, combining the allure of a lush green landscape with the practicality of minimal upkeep. In summation, this landscape garden makeover project stands as a testament to the fusion of functionality and elegance, where every element was carefully curated to manifest a low-maintenance garden retreat that epitomizes sophistication and enduring beauty.

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What Our Customers Say

Cleared yard and laid porcelain tiles and constructed raised beds. They had a lot of other jobs on so waited a while for job to be started but am so glad I chose them. They have done a brilliant job, working very hard and clearing up every evening. Would certainly use them again.

Pauline McGrory