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Garden Room Construction Ormskirk

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Date Completed: 25/04/2019

Bespoke Garden Installation by Abel Lanscapes

In Ormskirk we recently undertook a captivating rear garden makeover, showcasing our expertise in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. A standout feature of this project is the construction of a bespoke garden room, designed specifically to house a gym and elevate the overall appeal of the rear garden.

Garden Room Construction: A Gym Oasis

Our skilled team commenced the transformation by constructing the garden room, which now stands as a dedicated gym oasis. The structural foundation is a Shed Base Propped off the ground with steel ground screws, ensuring stability and longevity. This meticulous approach not only provides a robust foundation but also minimizes the environmental impact on the surrounding landscape.

The gym is adorned with elegance, featuring French doors and two side windows that flood the interior with natural light, creating an inviting and motivational atmosphere for workouts. The pent-style roof not only adds architectural interest but also ensures efficient water runoff, protecting the gym and its surroundings.

Composite Decking Balcony: A Stylish Outdoor Retreat

To enhance the functionality and charm of the gym, we extended the design beyond the interior space. A carefully crafted composite decking was installed outside the gym, creating a charming balcony effect between the path and the gym. This outdoor retreat offers a perfect spot for relaxation, allowing fitness enthusiasts to step out and enjoy the fresh air after an invigorating workout session.

Garden and Outdoor Lighting: Illuminating Elegance

The functionality of the garden room extends beyond daylight hours, thanks to our expertly designed electrics system. Integrated seamlessly into the gym, this system ensures that fitness enthusiasts can enjoy their workout routines with ample lighting and access to electrical outlets for their equipment.

Conclusion: Gym and Garden Fusion in Ormskirk

This comprehensive project in Ormskirk exemplifies Abel Landscapes’ commitment to creating outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend functionality and elegance. The gym garden room, perched on a sturdy foundation, combines architectural finesse with practical design. The composite decking balcony provides an inviting outdoor space, and the thoughtfully designed garden and outdoor lighting system ensures that the beauty of the space is not confined to daylight hours. Abel Landscapes continues to redefine outdoor living, providing homeowners with bespoke solutions that cater to their unique needs and elevate their lifestyle.

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