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Garden Makeover With Natural Stone Patio, Path & Real Lawn

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Date Completed: 25/09/2018

In this small garden makeover project, we have crafted a functional outdoor space that seamlessly blends the beauty of natural elements with efficient drainage solutions.

Natural Stone Paving and Real Lawn:

The focal point of the back garden is a patio and path adorned with natural stone paving. Beyond the paved areas, the installation of a real lawn introduces a lush and inviting green space, creating a perfect balance between hardscape and softscape elements.

Kerb Edging for Definition:

Precision and definition are key elements in this garden transformation. We have installed kerb edging along one side of each path in the rear garden, providing clear delineation and enhancing the visual appeal of the pathways. Additionally, kerb edging has been thoughtfully integrated around the paving edge in the front driveway extension, creating a cohesive and polished finish.

Land Drain Installation:

To address potential water runoff issues and ensure proper drainage, a comprehensive land drain system has been strategically installed. Abel Landscapes has placed land drains around the edge of the paving, creating a perimeter that effectively channels surface water away from the paved and lawn areas. The drainage solution utilizes aqua cell technology, a permeable membrane, and a layer of gravel to facilitate the efficient flow of water into a soakaway.

Soakaway System with Aqua Cell, Membrane, and Gravel:

The installation of a soakaway system represents a sophisticated approach to managing surface water. Aqua cell technology, a grid-like structure designed to maximize water storage capacity, is employed to create a sub-surface reservoir. This is complemented by a permeable membrane, which prevents soil infiltration and ensures that water is directed into the aqua cell structure. A layer of gravel acts as an additional drainage medium, facilitating the percolation of water into the water table. This comprehensive system not only safeguards against waterlogging but also promotes sustainability by replenishing the natural water cycle.

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What Our Customers Say

The team took out our old path and front and relaid and designed it. Excellent job done. Communication was great and done speedily. The materials are beautiful as well

Laura Brown