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Marshalls Symphony Vitrified Patio, Fence Screening and Sleepers Ormskirk

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Date Completed: 10/04/2019

Marshalls Symphony Porcelain Patio

This low-maintenance garden makeover in Ormskirk, we have redefined outdoor living with a meticulous blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. At the heart of this transformation lies a newly created patio area, a masterpiece crafted using the exquisite Marshalls Symphony Vitrified Porcelain paving tiles.

The focal point of this garden is the new patio, a testament to elegance and practicality. Comprising both a lower and an upper level, the patio unfolds in a carefully orchestrated design. A step down gracefully connects the upper patio to a sunken counterpart, creating a dynamic and multi-dimensional outdoor space that beckons for relaxation and entertainment.

Elevated Design with Timber Sleepers:

To introduce architectural interest and delineate different zones within the patio, we have employed single high timber sleepers. These rustic yet contemporary features serve a dual purpose by not only creating visually appealing raised beds but also adding a touch of natural warmth to the overall design. The result is a patio that seamlessly combines form and function, offering a low-maintenance yet visually stunning outdoor haven.

Privacy and Screening Solutions:

Recognizing the importance of privacy, we have strategically integrated fence screening to envelop three sides of the garden. This thoughtful addition not only provides seclusion but also complements the overall design, creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere within the outdoor space.

Garden & Outdoor Lighting Symphony:

The transformation extends beyond daylight hours with the expertly designed garden and outdoor lighting system. we have meticulously installed decorative wall lights, patio lights, and step lights to illuminate the garden’s beauty during the evening. The entire lighting ensemble operates seamlessly through a remote-controlled system, allowing homeowners to tailor the ambiance to their preferences with just a touch.

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What Our Customers Say

Darren responded to my request for a quote very quickly and suggested a number of improvements to my planned garden makeover. The work was started promptly and the gardeners worked extremely hard and produced a finish beyond my expectations. The area was left in a tidy state and we have been very pleased with the final result.

Brian Cowen