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Composite Decking For Low Maintenance Garden Ormskirk

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Date Completed: 15/04/2019

Composite Decking: Part Of A Full Garden Makeover

As an integral component of an extensive rear garden makeover, our focus was on transforming the outdoor space into a low-maintenance haven. A key feature of this effort involved the strategic installation of standard composite decking adjacent to the house. To ensure durability and longevity, we employed a robust heavy-duty frame, complete with fascias and a membrane, all supported by concrete posts. This innovative approach not only adds structural stability but also prevents the frame from direct contact with the ground, minimizing maintenance needs and prolonging the life of the decking.

Beyond the structural enhancements, we took a thoughtful approach to illuminate and elevate the ambiance of the entire garden. Specifically designed garden and outdoor lighting and electrics system was implemented. This comprehensive system is not just utilitarian but serves as a key aesthetic element as well. The inclusion of decorative wall lights and strategically placed decking lights brings a touch of sophistication to the outdoor space.

All lighting features in this project are conveniently remote-controlled, offering ease of use and flexibility. The remote-controlled functionality extends to both wall and decking lights, providing residents with the ability to customize and tailor the lighting according to their preferences and the specific mood they wish to create in the garden. This deliberate attention to detail ensures that the garden remains not only a functional space but also a visually captivating and inviting area well into the evening hours.

In essence, this rear garden makeover project seamlessly integrates practicality and aesthetics. The composite decking, supported by a sturdy framework, guarantees a low-maintenance outdoor area, while the meticulously designed lighting system enhances the overall atmosphere, turning the garden into a versatile and enchanting space for both daytime and nighttime enjoyment.

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Couldn’t recommend Abel Landscapes enough. Paul and his Team have completely transformed our garden. I discussed with him our ideas and he exceeded all of our expectations and more. Everyone is blown away by it, especially us. We still can’t believe it belongs to us. He is a genius, so professional and I’m so glad we found him!!

Joanna Tuffin