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Composite Decking And Porcelain Paving Kirkby Liverpool

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Rear Garden Makeover, Composite Decking, Fencing & Porcelain Patio in Kirkby


A Spectacular Rear Garden Transformation in Kirkby, Liverpool

Welcome to our latest triumph in the Kirkby area of Liverpool, where we’ve transformed a backyard into a captivating haven of tranquillity and style. This garden metamorphosis is a testament to our commitment to turning visions into reality. Let’s explore the journey of this remarkable transformation, from conceptualization to completion.

1. Vision to Reality: Collaborative Design Process: Our journey began with a vision – the customer’s dream garden. To bring this vision to life, our skilled landscape designer collaborated closely with the client. We transformed their ideas into a stunning 3D drawing, providing a visual representation of the project. This interactive process ensured the customer’s vision was accurately captured, setting the stage for the transformative work ahead.

2. Expert Excavation and Removal: Crafting a Blank Canvas: With the vision mapped out, we commenced our work by meticulously excavating the area. This step involved removing the old deck, clearing the space, and preparing a pristine canvas for the garden’s transformation. Every detail was meticulously attended to, ensuring a solid foundation for the upcoming enhancements.

3. Craftsmanship in Construction: Building the New Deck and Porcelain Paving: Next, our skilled craftsmen set to work constructing the new deck. Their expertise shone as they meticulously assembled each element, ensuring structural integrity and aesthetic finesse. Alongside the deck, elegant porcelain paving was meticulously installed, transforming the ground into a sleek, durable surface that would stand the test of time.

4. Seamless Integration: Grey Slatted Screening for Privacy and Unity: To enhance both privacy and aesthetics, we installed grey slatted screening on the existing fence panels. This thoughtful addition not only provided privacy but also seamlessly blended the transformed garden with the surrounding environment. The result was a cohesive, harmonious space where every element worked together in perfect unity.

6. Ready to Transform Your Space? Contact Us Today: Are you inspired by this garden transformation? Eager to embark on your own journey to transform your outdoor space? Contact us today to discuss your ideas and aspirations. Let’s collaborate and turn your dream garden into a tangible reality. With our expertise, attention to detail, and passion for perfection, your ideal outdoor sanctuary is just a conversation away. Experience the difference with our meticulous approach and transform your garden into a true reflection of your style and aspirations.

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Absolutely fantastic job from start to finish.very reliable great lads Excellent work highly recommend.

Nicole Coldicutt