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Cedar Decking with Gazebo Shaped Roof Liverpool

After 3 Days
Date Completed: 10/07/2018

Cedar Gazebo with Decking Feature

Central to this phase of the project is the construction of a deck. We have installed cedar as the primary material for the deck and gazebo, renowned for its natural beauty and durability. This choice not only ensures a visually stunning aesthetic but also aligns with the ethos of low-maintenance landscaping, requiring minimal upkeep while standing the test of time

This architectural feature not only provides shelter from the elements but also infuses the space with a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

Structural Integrity Of Gazebo

Ensuring the structural integrity of the deck is paramount, and we have spared no expense in this regard. Concrete posts, strategically positioned for optimal support, form the backbone of the deck’s foundation. To seamlessly integrate functionality with aesthetics, two front posts have been adorned with a facing of the same Cedar used for the decking. This attention to detail not only reinforces the structural stability of the deck but also contributes to a cohesive and visually pleasing design scheme.

Illuminating the Night with Decking LED Spotlights:

The allure of the deck can extend into the evening hours with the installation of decking LED spotlights. Strategically positioned to accentuate architectural features and create ambiance, these lights add a touch of enchantment to the outdoor space. With the convenience of remote control, homeowners can effortlessly adjust the lighting to suit their mood and preferences.

Project Progress

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What Our Customers Say

I got Abel Landscaping in to tackle my wilderness of a back garden and they managed to turn it into something I’m really happy with. Darren was very helpful and full of good ideas and the lads who did the job were professional, courteous and, most importantly, did a fantastic job. So much so, I got them in a month later to do pretty much all the rest of mu outdoor space which, again, has vastly exceeded my expectations.

Would HIGHLY recommend and if I have any other work to do, they’ll be the ones doing it.

Adam Parsons