Winter Plants



"Keeping your garden beautiful even in the winter"



Don't neglect your garden just because its winter, it doesn't have to look dull or lifeless if you choose the right winter plants. Evergreen plants look great in the winter months especially when paired with winter plants that flower or produce berries.





When should you plant your winter flowers?

The ideal time to do it is just before winter and the cold setts in, but this must be timed carefully . The location in your garden for your winter plants must also be chosen carefully as the winter plants need good drainage; any water sitting above or below the surface can kill your plant in the early frost.





What winter flowers can you choose?



Winter Jasmine really brightens up your garden in the winter and grows on a vine of stems. It has lovely bright yellow flowers and usually starts to bloom late autumn.



The snow drop (Galanthus) is a winter flower that is loved by everyone. They have specially hardened tips that can push through the snow however they can be temperamental in growth depending on the soil they are planted in.



The Erica carnea (Springwood White) is a winter heather that has a beautiful profile of long white flowers against dark foliage. It is not fussy and can be grown in any garden with any type of soil.



Daphne bholua (Jacqueline Postill) has an upright posture with red buds opening into large flowers which look impressive against its evergreen foliage. This winter flower has a strong fragrance and is often used in smaller gardens.



The Camellia is a popular winter plant as it is a brightly coloured rose that stands out in the winter cold. However it does need to be protected from strong winds.



The Winterberry is family of the Christmas holly however unlike holly it looses it leaves in the winter so that beautiful bright red berries come through on its own.



The Winter Heath comes in a variety of shades of red, pink and white. They have small drooping bells as flower heads and bloom in late winter.



Wintersweet appears all winter and is renowned for their fragrance. They have small yellow waxy blooms with brownish purple inner petals.


The Algerian iris is an evergreen that blooms late in winter. It has large dark green leaves and are very fragrant.