Sustainable Materials

There are many sustainable materials that you can use in your garden or inside of your home. These include Bamboo, Hemp, Coconut Palm, Syndecrete and Cork. All of which have fantastic product quality and are fast growing.

Sustainable Materials    

Sustainable Materials

 "Materials from the Earth"



A sustainable material is a one sourced from nature. Products such as bamboo, cork and hemp are all sustainable materials.




Bamboo is known as a 'rapidly renewable' raw material that comes from a part of the grass family. It grows like a weed and does not need any outside influence to encourage growth assuming optimal climatic conditions. It is one of the most versatile raw natured material used in the production of products. For example, they provide decorative and constructive items in the household such as utensils.

Advantages: Fast Growth, Pesticide Free, Strength, Flexibility.




Cork is a sustainable resource due to coming from the Quercus Suber tree (cork oak tree) and being both renewable and biodegradable. Cork is sourced by peeling off the outer layer (bark) of the tree and then the tree is left to regenerate. Cork has been known to be transformed into cork flooring and cork stoppers.

Advantages: Flooring, Stoppers, Jewelry, Crafts.




Hemp is commonly used in sea-faring efforts such as sails, ropes, flags etc due to its wet strength and tear resistance properties. It is now also used in paper, cosmetics, textiles and other constructions.

Advantages: Fast Growth, Pesticide Free, Strength & Wet Strength.



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