Summer Flowers


"Brightening gardens throughout the UK"


When choosing your flowers it is important that you think about how you are going to keep them blooming all summer long. Think about colours, fragrance, and beauty but most of all think about when they bloom. You don't want all early summer plants in one spot then midsummer in another. Rather you need to blend them together so that you create a greater blend of colour throughout the summer, guiding visitors eyes around your garden and not just to one spot.



What summer flowers are there available to choose from?



Dahlia is a beautiful versatile summer plant for your garden. These flowers come in every colour of the rainbow and appreciate the full heat of the sun, however they need moist but well drained soil to survive.




The Oriental Lily is a dramatic lilly with large star shaped flowers in shades of pink, yellow and white. Some of these do have a scent that can be detected from metres away.




The Fragrant Gladiolus are purple at the neck of the flower and blossom into white flowers. They have a sweet fragrance and grassy foilage.




The Blanket flower (Gaillardia x grandiflora 'Goblin') can survive hot, dry weather. It is a durable and tough plant with and orange / maroon centre which fans out into yellow leaves.




The Pincushion flower (Scabiosa) is a long lasting bloomer. It likes the heat of the sun and also a bit of shade. It grows around a foot tall and has blue flowers.




The Allium flowers blooms purple in a sphere like shape. They have large upright stems and will be sure to impact your garden.




Oxalis Versicolor (candy cane sorrel) is a unusual looking flower as it has striped buds that open up into cupped shaped petals.




The Gladiolus (tango) have bright flamboyant mauve pink ruffled blooms with sturdy upright stems.




The Scadoxus flower is also known as the fireball lilly due to its large spherical head. They tend to be bright orange or red in colour.