Spring Flowers

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Everyone loves to see a patch of brightly coloured spring flowers glimmering in the sun. Why not plant some beautiful spring flowers in your garden to have an array of colours throughout all seasons. The best time to plant your spring flower bulbs in the months of October and December just before the really cold weather sets in. These bulbs should be planted 3 times their depth.

What spring flowers are there available?


Here are just some suggestions of spring flowers that you can use in your garden:

The classic bluebell often found in woodlands. They thrive in damp shady areas and have resilient properties to even survive in drought conditions.

The Hyacinth has a really strong fragrance and are often grown in pots. They stand upright and are well equipped for outdoors.

The Pasque flower demands a well drained area of your garden. It has beautiful Purplish blue flowers and dislikes hot or humid weather.

Snakes Head Fritillary is an u usual spring plant and is easy recognisable from its snake-skin markings. It loves damp areas and is now a protected plant as it is rarely seen in the wild.

The Puschkinia (Russiona Snowdrop) is a white flower that grows in the shape of a star and are striped with a beautiful blue colour. They love sunny spots and look great planted almost anywhere.

Birds of Paradise (crane flowers) are simply beautiful flowers. They are brightly coloured an resemble a bird in flight hence their name 'Birds of paradise'

Orchids are very popular as they bring something different to each individual. They have a unique posture which bends at the top. It has open-eyed petals with a beautiful display of colour.

Peonies are large red flowers and often fragrant. They do come in other shades such as white and yellow and bloom in late spring.

Zinnia flowers can grow in a single row of petals or into a dome shape. There are two types of Zinnia: Grandiflora and Tenuifolia.


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Spring Flowers

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