Date: 05/01/2014 To: 11/01/2014

 Landscaping Garden make over

Mells -  Hoylake-Wirral 


In this landscaping project we are transforming the rear garden by installing a new lawn with a mowing decorative edge to separate the borders from the new lawn. To start with we shall be removing some unwanted trees and pruning some bushes, then we shall be removing the old lawn and pergola as part of the preparation.


In the installation specification we shall be installing a new decking feature to replace the paving under the existing pergola area. The paving from that area shall be relaid to extend the corners of the existing paving path. The existing paving circle feature shall be raised to same level as the new decking feature which shall be part of the access from the paving path to the raised circle feature. We shall be installing raised kerbs around the circle to retain the soil in the border as well as installing kerbs around the new lawn to create a mowing edge around the shaped lawn. We shall be making good the existing ornamental water feature including raising it to same level as the patio paving. We shall also be installing a new lawn with new top soil and LED Spike lights around the border to light up the water feature bushes and plants. The lights and water feature will also be installed with a remote control switch device.


 Day 1:  We removed the green waste generated from the removal of the trees and bushes


 Day 2: Today we progressed the project by Excavating the existing lawn and removing it to the front driveway ready for the grab wagon to remove the waste from site.


 Day 3: Here we are excavating the area of the new decking and preparing the ground and foundations for the paving extension

Day 4: Here we are installing raised kerbs around the new lawn.

Day 5: Today we will be raising the circle feature, installing the kerb edging around this feature and starting the construction of the decking area.


Day 6: Today we will be installing the geo-textile membrane on the decking frame that was constructed yesterday and install the decking boards on top.

Day 7: Today we are installing turf to the new lawn area.
















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