Date: 13/05/2013 To: 13/05/2013

Landscaping Garden Design

Dutton - warrington - Cheshire


In this garden maker we are transforming the whole garden  by landscaping it as described below.


In this landscape garden design project we will be installing cedar decking along with cedar steps, handrails and cedar cladding for the facia; as the decking with consist of an upper level and lower level. We shall also be also building a cedar bridge to cross a small pond to the paving area.  


Another part of this project shall consist of installing a new 7ft. high fence with concrete posts and timber omega lattice top fence panels. This fence shall be erected on a existing slope and tied back with re -enforced steel to concrete foundation under a retaining wall.


We shall be also installing a retaining wall in front of the new fence to support the new patio and prevent the sloping land pushing against the new fence. The patio will sit on top of the retaining wall and we shall be also building raised planters. We will be installing drainage stone between the fence and the retaining wall.


The patio and path shall be installed using Marshalls Fairstone sawn paving to create a very modern contemporary feel.


We will be creating a new water feature which will be cascading down the slope from a small upper pond to a lower level pond with a rockery and rock steps to give another form of access to the lower level garden area.


To the left of the water feature we shall be creating retaining walls  to retain the middle terrace where the planting shall be .


The upper level area by house shall be the lawn area in which the customer wants artificial turf.


⇒ Day 1  - Today we removed all the old existing decking to the skip and began to demolish the old fence which had collapsed due to the sloping ground pressing against it, then we began to install the new fence.


⇒ Day 2 - Today we have began excavating


⇒ Day 3 - Today we dug trenches for retaining in front of 600mm in front of fence and we started to prepare the foundations for the water feature. 



Natural Stone Paving

















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