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We can design and install a log cabin, summer house and garden room that is unique to you. Log cabins can be constructed in many different materials such as cedar or timber and be made to fit any angles in your garden.

Garden Room Liverpool    

 Summer House - Log Cabins - Garden Room - Liverpool

"Bespoke Garden Room designers"


Garden Room Installers

We can design a bespoke log cabin,summer house for your garden for private, leisure or home office. We provide a turnkey service from assistance with planning, design and specification, right through to the build and completion of your individual log cabin home.





Why Choose a Summer house & log cabin?

⇒ Garden Storage -  If you are going to use your log cabin for storage you will need to think about what you are going to store in it. You need to make sure that there is enough space with easy access.


⇒ A Garden Room - Advisable if you want to sit and enjoy your garden. Again when designing your cabin you will have to make sure there is enough space for your table and chairs with enough space to move around them.


⇒ A games room - To have a games room you will need a space large enough to fit in pool table and space to maneuver your cue with ease.


⇒ Home & Office Garden - You need to think about what you need in your garden office. A desk, chairs and filing cabinets will need to fit in. Also natural light and the times of the year need to be took into consideration


⇒ To house a hot tub or sauna - The measurements of your hot tub or sauna will have to be taken into account and also remember that your hot tub weighs a lot more when its full of people and water, so make sure your base is good.





There are many different styles of log cabin, maybe you want something a little different, maybe contemporary or unusual. You need to think about whether it will suit your garden and where it will be constructed. You also need to think about whether it will be seen, you will more than likely want a pretty style, however it is to be placed behind screening for example, the plainer building may be a better and cheaper option.













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