Southport flower show Garden 2006


This garden was designed and constructed in just 10 working days by the Abel team.


The theme for this year's show was water, so we decided to incorporate a large water feature with cascades and water falls. We also constructed a water wheel which was powered from the water falling out of the rock feature.


In one area of the garden we have constructed a hexagonal gazebo with a thatched roof  which created a panoramic view of the garden. This was built on top of a rockery with steps leading onto it.



In the main garden area we have installed a circle feature which also gives a wonderful view of the garden. It has created a relaxing place to sit while enjoying the flow of water cascading down to the bottom pool.



At the very bottom of the garden we created a still water feature where the water lilies like to be. To add a little something extra to our project we have installed a natural stone patio in the shape of a "W" standing for water and also a lawn in the shape of a "W" also signifying water.



This garden was awarded a silver gilt medal




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