Climbing Flowers

Climbing flowers look great in any garden. They add character and make your garden look fuller. Why not choose scented climbing flowers for that extra impact. We install plants all over Liverpool.

Climbing Flowers    

 Climbing Flowers

"Adding character to your garden through beautiful climbing flowers" 


Climbing Flowers are great for growing over pergolas, fencing and archways. They provide the height that some gardens need and are also great for smaller gardens as they grow upwards rather than outwards. This means that you can have many more plants than before.


With a little bit of pruning over the autumn months and a little bit of housekeeping, then your climbing plants will look just as good the following year. Pruning includes cutting back overgrown climbers once they have finished flowering. Any shoots should be tied to a support at this point, so that they don't get blown about or pull off other shoots in the winter.




Scented Climbing Flowers

If you are looking to add a nice aroma to your garden then why not choose a scented climbing flower. Scented flowers make the most impact around doors and outdoor seating areas.

Scented flowers include:


o Honeysuckle
o Sweet peas
o Star jasmine
o Akebia quinata
o Clematis armandii
o Rose 'Zephirine Drouhin'
o Rose 'New Dawn'
o Clematis x triternata 'Rubromarginata' 



North & East Facing Walls

Generally north facing walls will get no sunlight which means that they are often cold places which is not ideal to grow plants in. However, there is still a little bit of hope as there are some plants that can deal with these weather conditions.


Similarly, east facing walls have the same problem, however they do receive some sunlight in the morning which opens the opportunity to a wider variety of plants than the north facing wall. Care must be taken when choosing the plants for this wall, as the early morning sunlight can cause damage to the frozen buds and leaves that occur in the spring and winter months. The rapid thawing of these buds can cause cell damage which inevitable results in browning or withering.


North and east facing plants include:


o Hedera colchica
o Hedera helix
o Schizophragma hydrangeoides
o Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Moonlight'
o Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Roseum'




Climbing Flowers - South & West Facing Walls

The plants below are just some of the climbing flowers that love to be in the sunlight.


o Rosa (Golden Showers)
o Jasminum Officinale
o Lonicera periclymenum
o Parthenocissus tricuspidata
o Clematis 'Helsingborg'