Ponds and Waterfalls

We can install all types of pond and waterfall features in your garden including water gardens, Koi ponds and wildlife ponds. Whether you are looking for a small garden pond or a big pond feature we can design create and install it for you.

Ponds and Waterfalls    

 Pond and Waterfalls

What is a Pond?

A pond is an area of still fresh water usually containing non-moving water. However additional water pumps can be added to create water movement like fountains and waterfalls.


Types of Pond

There are many types of pond out there that you can choose to have installed. These include ponds such as water gardens, Koi Ponds and wildlife ponds. Water gardens usually contain a lot of aquatic plants and fish such as gold fish whereas Koi ponds tend to have less plants due to the Koi eating most of them. Other pond types such as wildlife ponds, usually attract all different kinds of plants and animals.


Choosing the right pond for your garden is all down to your personal preference and how much work you want to put in to maintain it. A garden pond will enhance any home and garden; creating an area where you can sit and relax with nature.



Above is a picture of a large Koi pond we have installed.


Above is a picture of a wildlife pond that we have installed.


Above is a picture of a three tier rock and water feature which we have installed.


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