Pergola Features

Pergolas are a perfect way to enhance your garden while also creating a romantic feel. They are very stylish and eco-friendly and allow you to add your own personal touch to your landscaped garden. They can be installed over patios, porches or even paths.

Pergola Features    

Pergola Features


Another popular feature among our customers is the pergola. A pergola is a structure which was originally designed to support climbing plants. The climbing plants create a cool, shaded area beneath which can be used for entertaining and other recreational use.



Where can pergolas be constructed?


Pergolas are usually installed over patios or porches, generally in warm climates. They can often also appear along pathways or standalone structures in your garden. You need to pick the place in your garden where you feel a pergola would look great, while making sure there is enough room for the pillars.



Choosing your climbing flower


Once you have decided where to put your pergola you need to decide on the plants or vines that you would like to grow on the beams. Always take in to consideration the important factors such as the insects the flower will attract and the colour of the flower, after all you want it to blend in with your garden, and not stand out like a sore thumb! 







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