Decking Features

Decking features can add a considerable amount of value to your property while creating a space where you can entertain your guests. We can advise you on decking materials, shapes and designs to fit into any area of your garden.

Decking Features    

Decking Features



Decking features are very popular among our customers as they create a beautiful space for socialising. Decking is a big investment and can add a considerable amount of value to your home.


Choosing your decking material

When choosing your decking material you should also consider how long each type of material will last and also the maintenance that is required. Here are just some examples of decking materials you could consider:


⇒  Pressure Treated Pine - lasts for many years if cared for properly. However if younger trees are used they are not as solid and often contain many knots that make the pine weaker. Even still, this type of decking material is a good investment and will provide many years of outdoor luxury and beauty.


 ⇒ Wood Composites - a common decking material made from a unique combination of wood fibre and vinyl. As this is an innovative material more and more decks are being made from it due to its strong properties and realistic wood texture. The vinyl also makes the decking easier to care for. Wood composite decking is more than likely to outlast solid wood decking materials.


 ⇒ Exotic Wood - If you are looking to make a dramatic statement and own a deck that is sure to impress then this wood material would be an excellent choice.  The high price of this wood is justified as the wood is gouge resistant and very hard compared to other materials such as the pressure-treated pine. However, this type of material will need to be treated to prevent discolouration and water damage.


 ⇒ Stone decking:  This material is very unique as it looks like real decking but is actually made out of stone.


There are many more decking materials out there and it is entirely up to your personal preferences to which you choose.


Decking Designs

We can create all different types of decking shapes and designs to fit into any area of your garden. All of our installations can be finished off with hand rails and lights to add your own unique personal touch. Decking areas create a beautiful space where you can entertain all of your guests.  




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