Cicular Patios

Circle features come in all sizes and can be installed with many different products to blend in with your landscape project. They are a great way to add a unique touch to your garden while providing you with useful entertaining space.

Cicular Patios    

Circle Features

 "A useful yet unique entertaining space"


You will notice that within our domestic page there are a lot of natural stone circle features. This is because they are very popular among our customers. They are beautiful and interesting to look at while providing you a place to put your garden table and chairs - a place to entertain.


Types of Circular Patios

There are many different types of circular patios available to you which means that you can choose a style most suitable to your taste. For example, we have installed many:


⇒ Natural stone circular patios in a standard 3 ring circular layout
⇒ Natural Stone circular patios with a star shape in the middle
⇒ Natural Stone circular patios which are raised
⇒ Natural Stone circular patios with a half circle wall around to provide a sitting area.


As you can see circular patios can come in all different styles and can be filled with all kinds of shapes. Circular patios do not need to be standard, for instance take a look at our fantastic football design circular feature - this would look great in any football fanatics garden!


Natural Stone Products

There are many different natural stone products out there that can be used to install a circle feature. However we recommend all Marshalls Natural Stone Products to install circular features. This is because they are long lasting, beautiful in colour and most of all a great investment of money. Marshalls Natural Stone products include:


⇒ Marshalls Fairstone Range
⇒ Marshalls Dalestone



Other Products

Although our natural stone circle features always look great, there are many other products out there which supply circle features. For example, the football above is made out of natural slate. Other products which can be used include: 


⇒ Marshalls Polesden Lacey Circles
⇒ Marshalls Chancery Circles
⇒ Marshalls Heritage Circles
⇒ Marshalls Saxon Circles



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