Trellis Installers Liverpool

Trellis fencing can be used to screen off an area of your garden while enhancing the overall look of your landscape. It looks fantastic when climbing flowers grow on them. Our most popular type of trellis is the European trellis.

Trellis Installers Liverpool    

Trellis Fencing

"Ideal for climbing plants & decorative purposes"



The purpose of trellis fencing


Trellis fencing can be used for fencing, as part of a fence or to screen off an area of your garden. They are ideal for decorative purposes only and look great with climbing flowers growing on them.



Types of trellis Fencing


We have carried out many trellis installations over the years including pressurised treated Trellis fencing, basic treated trellis fencing, however our most popular trellis fencing installation is the European fencing trellis. This is because it looks expensive and the design of this fence enhances any garden project.


Please see our fencing gallery for pictures of some of our trellis installations 





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