Retaining Walling

Retaining walls are constructed to prevent the sliding of earth away from its foundation. It can be constructed from many materials such as timber, concrete and bricks.

Retaining Walling    

 Retaining Walls

"Prevention of damage to your property"



What are retaining walls?

Retaining walls are used to prevent the earth (soil, sand, water) from falling or sliding away from its foundation.




Advantages of retaining walls include the prevention of damage from soil falling or sliding away from a foundation. They can also preserve ground areas on the property or even add to it.




There are a variety of materials you could use to build a retaining wall. We advise using one that will blend well and enhance your property. Materials include:


⇒ timber
⇒ concrete, concrete blocks
⇒ bricks or stones
⇒ boulders



Types of retaining wall construction

⇒ sleeper wall (timber or concrete)
⇒ crib wall (timber or concrete)
⇒ reinforced walls (concrete or shotcrete)
⇒ weight walls (boulder or mass concrete)



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