Conservatory Installers

Conservatories are ideal for those looking to create extra space for a sun room, dining room, breakfast room, family den, study or even a kitchen. They are very versatile and allow light and warmth in from the garden while giving you full coverage from the elements.

Conservatory Installers    


"Creating outdoor spaces with coverage from the elements"


What is a conservatory?

A conservatory is usually an extension onto the back of your house and is a room having a glass roof and walls. It is generally used as a sun room and attached to a house on only one side.



Advantages of conservatories

One of the main advantages of a conservatory over any other type of extension is that they let in the light and warmth from the garden. Conservatories provide a versatile space and can be used as a sun room, dining room, breakfast room, study or even kitchen.



Where to build your conservatory

Careful consideration should be given to the direction of your proposed conservatory at the planning stage.


Here are conservatory positions according to light:


⇒ North-facing conservatories - This will get slight sun at the start and end of the day and, although it will not overheat in the summer, it could be bitterly cold in the winter.  


⇒ East-facing conservatories - This will get the sun in the morning so is ideal for a breakfast room.


⇒ South-facing conservatories - This is excellent for catching the sun but will be unbearably hot in the summer with the sun overhead at the hottest time of the day. This would be ideal for a sun room.


⇒ West-facing Conservatories - This will get the sun from late afternoon onwards.


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