Weeding Guide

Here is a simple guide to weeding your garden with simple techniques and tips to use when weeding. There are many tools such as trowels and hoes that you can use when weeding which will make this unpleasant task slightly easier.

Weeding Guide    

 How To Weed Your Garden


Weeding can be a highly unpleasant task that most people will face each year. Many people put off weeding their garden until the weeds become out of control - this only makes you work harder in the long run.


Weeds are unwanted in any garden as they rob your plants of the nutrients that they need to grow. They crowd the roots and spread diseases. 


Hand Weeding

Hand weeding is a popular and common way to get the job done. This technique is the most effective when weeds are small where roots are not too deep. Always hand weed when the it is slightly moist so that the roots can be loosened easily. DO NOT weed when soil and plants are wet, as this is a way to spread soil borne disease.


Weeding tools will help you get the job done quicker. Tools such as hand trowels, forked weeders and rakes are very effective when taking care of small weeds which are growing next to your plants. Another effective tool is a hoe. It can be used to cultivate the soil before weeds show themselves, or can be used to chop and pull up weeds that have germinated. 


Tips & Techniques

⇒ Covering crops will crowd out weeds, preventing them from growing throughout the winter.


⇒ Weeding at the end of season prevents weeds from going to seed and leaving seed in the garden for the next plant season.


⇒ Use drip irrigation. This method of watering prevents water from getting to all of the soil where weed seeds may be.


Weed Prevention

The best defence against weeds is prevention. There are many things that you can do to eradicate weeds before they can grow. A mulch organic material in a three inch layer around your plants will not allow sun to get to the weed seeds and germinate them - this is one of the easiest prevention techniques around. Alternatively you can use landscaping fabrics or weed mats to help control weeds around your plants.






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