Watering Guide

This is a brief guide on the steps you should take when watering your new lawn or planting area. It is important to not let your landscape become waterlogged or at the same time let it dry out.

Watering Guide    

Watering Guide


All plants and lawns require watering and after-care upon installation. In the first two weeks after installation it is almost impossible to over water your plants or lawns if done correctly. The initial watering schedule should be frequent and in short durations as this is what is known as the 'healing period'. Almost immediately after planting, your plant will begin to set their roots into the soul, it is important that we ensure that they do not encounter water log.



Three Week Watering Guide

Here is a three week guide which will help you to understand when you should water your plants:


Week 1: Try to carry out two or three watering cycles each day lasting approximately two minutes each time. The more shaded areas will require only one minute of watering. Never water your lawn or plants so much that the water runs off. You will know if you have over watered your plants if they stand in water for long periods of time or the soil never appears to dry. Never allow your plants to dry out to wilting point.


Week 2:  Carry out less watering cycles - try one or two cycles daily lasting approximately three minutes each time now. Again your shaded areas will require less watering time. If you discover that your plants are beginning to wilt between cycles, try adding an extra minute to your watering cycles. The aim here is to wean the plants from constant moisture.


Week 3: You will now only need to carry out one water cycle per day. The plants should be starting to set their roots into the new soil. Lawn areas will require 7 minutes of watering time per day and planting areas a less time of 6 minutes per day. Again, shaded plant areas will need only 4 minutes of watering time per day.






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