Garage Doors Liverpool

We can supply and install any type of electric garage doors in Liverpool, Merseyside.Including Canopy up and over doors, retractable up and over doors, sectional doors and roller shutter garage doors.

Garage Doors Liverpool    

Electric Garage Doors Liverpool


We install many different types of garage doors including canopy up and over, retractable up and over, sectional garage door and roller shutter door.


Canopy Up & Over

This is the simplest and most common type of garage door as it gives the maximum drive-through width when open. The door is balanced and assisted by torsion springs positioned above the door panel on the head of the fixing frame and is is generally only available up to 8 feet (2438mm) wide.  The canopy up and over door is not usually used if the garage door is to be electric motor automated although with the use of a good quality 'bow arm converter' and a powerful operator we can automate this type of door successfully.



Retractable Up & Over

This type of garage door is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as the garage door panel retracts fully into the garage when open. Unlike the canopy up and over door this door converts into an electric operation easily, safely and with the least equipment required. The retractable mechanism is generally considered smoother and easier to operate.



Sectional Garage Door

This type of door is often one of the most popular choices of garage door. This is because it is practical, stylish, safe, secure and easy to use. They open and close in separated individual panel sections; operating vertically, making full use of the space in front of or behind your garage opening. Because of this almost any shape of garage opening can be installed to, i.e. arched, angled corners etc. This type of garage door is ideal for shorter driveways, garages next to pathways and internal space problems.




Roller Shutter Garage Door

This type of door is one of the neatest solutions to garage doors available, with vertical operation and no internal tracking mechanism into your garage at all. This solution provides you with more room for parking with the additional option for storage above.




Mobile Text Control - Remote Control by Text Message

We have created a new innovative way of opening your garage doors all by text message. You can be anywhere in the world and send a text to your house to open your garage door, particularly handy if you are running a business from home. This secure system allows you to turn the electric motor off via text so no one can open your garage (not even by fob) until you text the motor to turn on, only then can you can text the motor to open the garage doors. Only the smart phone activated with our system can be used.