Installation Information

Block Paving is becoming increasingly popular and product prices have now become more affordable for customers. This section aims to provide you with as much information about block paving installations as possible.

Installation Information    

Block Paving Information 


A Popular Driveway Product

Block paving installations have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to the reduction in costs. As block paving is produced with mass production techniques the prices have fell and become more affordable for most projects, only being slightly more dearer than most flags/slabs.


Other Block Paving Installations

Block paving can be installed almost anywhere but look particularly great on driveways. They are also very durable providing you many years service. Block paving is an excellent alternative to tarmac or traditional asphalt and are now even being installed to commercial areas such as airports and docks.

Other areas block paving can be installed is patios, paths or even mixed in with other paving to create a feature in your garden.


Block Paving Design

As the blocks are relatively small they can be incorporated in almost any design you can think of. Please visit our block paving design page for more ideas.





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